• You must be of legal age to participate in the event. The legal age is at least 18 y/o to attend and 21 y/o to drink any alcohol (A valid government issued ID must be provided at the time of registration). If you do not have your ID, you will not be able to pick up your registration materials, and you will be asked to leave. If you paid for your registration, just remember not having an ID will not get you a REFUND. There will be no Exceptions;

• You agree that by participating in this event you accept all responsibilities for your own actions;

• You agree that by participating in this event, that you will not hold Girth & Mirth of Arizona, its membership, or any organizations associated with this event responsible for any loss or injury to your person or property;

• You further agree by signing for your registration when you pick up your registration package to release Convergence 2014, Girth and Mirth of Arizona, all its members, associates, any organizations associated with this event, hotel and staff from any liability and damages. If you refuse to sign, you will not be given access to the event and realize that failure to sign for your registration is a forfeit of your registration cost and that you will not be given a refund;

• You understand that Convergence 2014, Girth & Mirth of Arizona, the hotel, all sponsors and staff, are not responsible for cancellation or postponement due to force majeure or other circumstances. (e.g., strike, public emergency, acts of god, etc...);

• Convergence 2014 and Girth & Mirth of Arizona reserve the right to modify the schedule of events, packaging and pricing at anytime, without notice, in their sole discretion;

• In attending Convergence 2014, you understand that it is your personal responsibility to inform any photographer(s) if you do not wish your picture to be taken;

• In the event that Convergence 2014 is cancelled due to no fault of Girth & Mirth of Arizona, our members, associates or any organizations associated with this event, Girth & Mirth of Arizona is not liable for any travel arrangements you make or any other costs you incur. Please ask your travel agent about Trip Cancellation insurance to help protect your investment;

• By registering and paying your registration fees to attend Convergence 2014, it is implied that you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Event Contract.

• Event packages are nontransferable.

Please refer to the chart below for dates and cancellation fee information:
100% of your Total Fees paid minus $45.00
80% of your Total Fees paid or 100% of your Total Fees paid, minus $45.00 whichever is lesser
50% of your Total Fees Paid
20% of your Total Fees Paid
No Refund given on any Fess Paid

September 1 - December 15, 2013

December 16, 2013 - February 15, 2014
February 16 - April 15, 2014
April 16 - July 15, 2014
July 16 - September 2, 2014

Total Fees mean all fees paid for any item purchased, e.g. registration and excursion costs.

Request for refunds can be mailed to:
Convergence 2014 C/O Girth & Mirth of Arizona
P.O. BOX 41646
Mesa, AZ 85274-1646

You may also submit a request via email at info@convergence2014.org

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